Friday, June 13, 2008

Making models wet...

SO, lately I have had a fascination with getting models wet.
I think there is something erotic and sensual about water and a woman. It might be the taboo of privacy associated with a shower, it might be the feeling of the purity of the water with a sexual overtone, whatever the reason, I enjoy the carnality of these images.

This image is Missy Vinyl, this image makes me think of someone washing away their sins. I have titled in "Cleanse".

This image is also of Missy Vinyl, I love the ghost effect it creates. I have titled this piece "Sheer passion".

This is model Missy Kohut, I love her willingness to try new things. This piece is titled "Salacious".

This is Model Alkemie, she is my long distance muse. This piece is titled " Amatory".

This is model Melissa, she came to me off my website, because she loved my work. This piece is called "bde-chen".