Thursday, August 14, 2008

Turn back now! This is dark and scary!

So, lately, I've been working on some dark, sad poetry. Here it is, please read it, but don't be worried about me, this is my therapy.

Note; side A
The weight takes away my breath,
crushing my very existence,
destroying my fragile soul.
I stumble through the darkness,
groping for reality,
praying for redemption.
I struggle to face the world each day,
fearing people,
avoiding life.
I stand alone in the choking black,

Questions in the Void
Can you hear the screaming in my head?
Can you see the tears in my heart?
How hard have you listened?
How long have you looked?
Can you feel the pain of my emotions?
Can you see the void in my soul?
How much have you cared?
How serious is our love?

Note: Side b
I lay awake at night,
Dreaming of the moment,
I can lay next to you.
I long for your touch,
remembering the moments together,
I long for those times again.
I know I pushed you away,
when I needed you the most,
I can't bear to think of it.
I hate myself for the thoughts I have,
Late at night, alone in my room,
I confront my demons with each passing of dusk.

Untitled: some random one liners.
I pray no one hears me screaming.
I know no one hears me crying.
I fear someone knowing I care.