Sunday, February 24, 2008


Why is smoking so taboo these days?Just 30yrs ago it was common place, 30yrs before that is was sexy, classy and attractive, 30yrs before that, it was advertised as healthy. But now, smokers are cast aside, viewed as rejects of society. Shunned outside in the cold... but wait, when they need to raise some tax money, or just want more tax money, who do they turn to first. Thats right the dirty filthy smokers. so, we're shunned until they need money.
Well, I for one, smoke and am proud. Am I an addict? Yes, I need my nicotine, somedays I need it more than food. Do I wan to quit? Nope, like I said, I'm a smoker and proud. Do I know it is bad for me? Duh! But a better question to ask me is do I care? Because I don't, I just enjoy it for now.

Here are some sexy smoking pictures.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

So much to do, so little time

Why can't there be 48 hours in a day? I am swamped in editing, it feels like a mountain, I might never climb out of. So, I come home from work everyday and sit in front of my computer, editing, IMing, emailing, doing everything I can to keep up, but it just never seems to stop. I feel overwhelmed some days, but at the same time I ask myself, would I rather be busy and know people want to work with me, or would I rather struggle to get a shoot, hoping I can find a person or two to work with me.

Here are some piuctures from my recent shoot with Orsolya, she was alor of fun. Kept the shoot light, we laughed and enjoyed it. She approached me about shooting, I don't know if she will continue to work with me or if she will work with others, but I know this shoot went very well.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Feeling in a rut and then dug out!

So, I was feeling uninspired recently. Feeling like whatever I do is cliche, weak and just kind of boring. I would dread going to photoshoots, I would dread editing the pictures and I just felt like I was wasting time going nowhere, just taking the same type of picture over and over, with nothing creative, nothing original and no spark. I couldn't figure out what to do, I several times thought of setting down my camera, no time limit, just taking a break.

But then my eyes opened up, I started looking at the world in a new light. I stressed to get a picture of that world. With the vivid colors, the deep emotion, the painstaking story behind each image. Hence the project Hotel Gothic was born. I think it is a blending of my style, with a new edge to it.