Thursday, November 22, 2007

Hiatus or Quit?

I'm confused.

I'm putting down my camera, I'm just not sure for how long...

After December 8th, I will be finishing out all of my commitments for the yr, then I'll be on a professional hiatus, not entirely sure when I will pick up my camera, if ever. I'm feeling like I am simply playing with a camera lately, not truly creating anything worth looking at. Certinly not creating anything I can make a serious living at.
This image is of the amazing Angela, AKA Gumby. She is a model of truly unknown potential. She can hold damn near any pose, she enjoys having fun in front of the camera and is always interested in what you are doing because she is an aspiring photographer.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

About Time Lazy Ass

Yeah it has been awhile since I've posted hasn't it. I'm sure some of you reading figured I gave up on this, I'm sure some were glad I quit posting stuff up here, but alas I'm still around. I've just been crazy busy lately.

So I went to Exotica 2 in Detroit, where I got to play around with club shooting, which let me tell you is quite fun. I didn't care about trying to capture a perfectly lit picture so much as I tried to catch the mood and feeling of the club, of the event and the energy in the air. I loved using the clubs lights for mood, and I think I might have done a decnt job at it.

Besides meeting alot of cool people, I got to toy with my own desires in fetish. GASP! I know, who would have thought I might enjoy this stuff, I know, I know, I think I'm the only one who was honestly surprised, but I was. I am excited to possibly explore more of this fun as time goes on.